Joel Chadabe




Selected list of compositions

One World 1 (2006)
Recorded sounds from New Delhi and New York. Assistance in New Delhi by Shankar Barua, in New York by Benjamin Chadabe. Composed with support from the New York State Council on the Arts. First performance: October 7, 2006 at Ear to the Earth Festival, 3LD Arts and Technology Center, New York City.

Many Times ... (2001)
A series of compositions for acoustic instruments and interactive electronics. First performance: March 21, 2001 at Expanded Instrument Festival, EMF @ Engine 27, New York City, with Benjamin Chadabe, Frances-Marie Uitti, Chris Mann, and Jan Williams.

The N Project (1997-1998 )
Includes: '1 With Pierre's Words' (1997), '4 With Drums '(1998), and '5 The N Project' (1998), for hand drums, recitation, other instruments, and electronics, commissioned collectively as The N Project by Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company for a first performance on May 3, 1997, at The Egg (New York State Performing Arts Center, Albany, New York).

After Some Songs (1987-1994)
A collection of short compositions for computer-synthesizer and solo instruments, some based on jazz classics, some not. First performance: March 8, 1987, Chamber Music Society of Baltimore. First group recorded Intelligent Music, 1988. Modalities (1990) recorded Centaur Records (CRC 2047, 1990). Complete collection recorded Deep Listening Publications (CD 001, 1995).

Round Trip (1992)
Computer/synthesizer and percussion. After a painting by Helen Frankenthaler. Invited by Albright-Knox Art Gallery as part of North American New Music Festival. First Performance: April 5, 1992, at Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo.

Many Mornings, Many Moods (1988)
Computer/synthesizer, percussion solo, and orchestra. Commissioned by Jan Williams, Michael Udow, and Robert Fernandez through the National Endowment for the Arts Consortium Commissioning Program. First performance: March 10, 1988, by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra at The North American New Music Festival.

Installation at Nuova Atlantide (Biennale di Venezia, Italy, October - November 1986).

Several Views of an Elusive Lady (1985)
Soprano voice and electronic sounds on tape. Commissioned by Marylin Boyd Dereggi, Neva Pilgrim, and Miriam Abramowitsch through the National Endowment for the Arts Consortium Commissioning Program. First performance: November 14, 1985, Hobart College.

The Long Ago and Far Away Tango (1984)
Piano solo. Commissioned by Ivar Mikhashoff for Quadrivium Press. First performance: February 27, 1985, Dance-Theatre Workshop, NYC.

Follow Me Softly (1984)
Computer/synthesizer and percussion. First performance: April 12, 1984, The North American New Music Festival. Recorded CDCM Series Volume 24: The Composer in the Computer Age VII, Centaur Records (CRC 2310, 1997).

Variation (1983)
Piano solo. Commissioned by Claudia Stevens in celebration of Elliott Carter's 75th Birthday. Score printed in Perspectives of New Music, XXII:2, 1984. First performance: December 5, 1983, Carnegie Recital Hall, NYC.

Rhythms: Variation VI (1982)
Violin, flute, vibraphone, electronic sounds on tape. Commissioned by Capitol Chamber Artists (Albany). Recorded: Centaur Records (CRC 2071, 1992). First performance: March 22, 1983, The Egg, Albany NY.

Rhythms (1980)
Computer/synthesizer and percussion. Recorded: Lovely Music (VR 1301, 1981). First performance: May 15, 1980, "The Computer In Performance," New Music Baltimore.

Scenes from Stevens (1979)
Computer/synthesizer. First performance: November 11, 1979, PS1 Soundshow, NYC.

Solo (1978, revised 1981)
Computer/synthesizer. Recorded: Lovely Music (VR 1302, 1985). First performance: August 30, 1978, UNESCO Summer Workshop in Computer Music, Aarhus, Denmark.

Playthings (1978)
Public-interactive computer/synthesizer installation. First performance: May 27, 1978, Grand Opening Weekend of the New York State Performing Arts Center, Nelson E. Rockefeller Empire State Mall.

Settings for Spirituals (1977)
Computer-generated accompaniments for spirituals sung by Irene Oliver. Recorded: Lovely Music (VR 1302, 1985). First performance: May 15, 1977, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, NYC.

Flowers (1975)
Solo stringed instrument and electronic sounds on tape. Commissioned by Robert Stierer. Recorded: Paul Zukofsky, violin, CP2 Records (CP2/2, 1977). First performance: June 22, 1975, Robert Stierer's 30th Wedding Anniversary Celebration, SUNY Albany.

From the 14th On (1972)
Solo cello. First performance: April 14, 1973, Bard College.

Echoes (1972)
Solo instrument and electronics. Recorded: Folkways Records (FTS 33904, 1975). Recorded: CP2 Records (CP2/2, 1977). First performance: November 10, 1964, "New Directions", Oberlin College.

Shadows and Lines (1972)
Electronic sounds on tapes. Commissioned by the Center for the Creative and Performing Arts (Buffalo, NY). First performance: February 13, 1973, 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Center for the Creative and Performing Arts, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo NY.

Ideas of Movement at Bolton Landing (1971)
Electronic sounds on tape. Recorded: Opus One Recordings (#17, 1974). First performance: May 1, 1971, Syracuse University Arts Festival.

Drift (1970)
Electronic sounds on tape. First performance: 1971, University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana.

Street Scene (1967)
Solo English horn, tape and projections. Published: Carl Fischer Inc., 1974. Recorded: Opus One (#16, 1973). First performance: March 25, 1969, "Music In Our Time," Kauffman Auditorium, NYC.

Prelude to Naples (1965)
Four instruments. Published: Composer/Performer Edition, 1966. First performance: June 16, 1965, American Academy in Rome.